Who we are

We are young, curious and highly motivated by challenges. As a team of engineers, we believe there’s no formula to succeed different than work, iterate and analyze, every single detail counts, every shape, every material, we gotta consider everything, because if it was easy everyone would be doing it.


Patents, Designs And Tests In-House Backing Us, Supporting You

Our team is crafting everyday solutions for a smart agriculture. We need to test every single design, not only on field, but with real users in order to ensure usability and liability. We have teams overseas doing research and taking the problem from the paper to a real scenario, it is not magic, it is engineering as pure as it is.

Our Approach & Strategy

We focus on quality. Quality as a delivery, for our customers, our users and our employees.

Do you have a revolutionary idea and want to impact agriculture and communities? Call us!

Nice to meet you!

We are few, but we work together as an army, we are here to tackle problems together.

Mechanical Engineer, problem solver, enthusiastic and passionated.

Irene Soler
Electronic Engineer, from coffee cups to investor decks, entrepreneur as a lifestyle.
Juan Diego Diaz
Mechanical designer, creator, analytics, the sharp and the shield.

Carmina Nomdedeu
Mechanical designer, the hands on the ground, always innovating, always creating.
Mauricio benavides
Mechanical designer, the maker, ¿do you have a situation? certainly he'll have a solution.
Jerónimo Torres