Crafting technology for Agriculture

We are truly convinced there is only one future, and it is shared among all of us, that’s why we care about sustainability. We understand sustainability not as a brand concept but a tri-axis development structure; technical, economical and environmental. 

Welcome to our innovation facility

Patents, designs and tests in-House backing us, supporting you

Our team is crafting everyday solutions for a smart agriculture. We need to test every single design, not only on field, but with real users in order to ensure usability and liability. We have teams overseas doing research and taking the problem from the paper to a real scenario, it is not magic, it is engineering as pure as it is.

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imagin and design

At ICZIA, we find a problem (actually it find us) then we start a design-thinking process with some coffee, good music and a notebook.

Finite Element Analysis

We got to mix naughtiness, courage and F.E.A. to build up a product, no matter what it is, we give it all our professionalism and passion.

Make It Real

We do love simulations, but we got mad when it comes to build, construct and test a real thing. Our key differential is how fast can we test it in real conditions to M.I.R. (make it real)

We respect Tradition
But we prefer Welfare

Coffee industry is full of flavor and passion, but it still remains in the paleolithic era. We are sure it is necessary to evolve, to process the fruits as they are, human food. Today we are focused on coffee, but certainly we will take it to other agricultural productions where the producer lacks of tools to improve its value generation chain, so their welfare.

sustainability as a whole

Carbon footprint became a fashion word, we consider that climate change is real and we need to act, we need different and smarter tools to achieve a neutral carbon footprint in the agricultural industry. Our goal is clear and we’ve already started. Keep posted.

Establishing a Social Meaning pushes us forward

Sustainability is not anymore a speaking, it is a daily style of life, we feel passionate by empowering communities, organizations and individuals seeking to boost the coffee value chain through quality.


Feel Free to reach us So we can craft together a sustainable future for Agriculture

Address: 1 Sant Llorenç 4th, 03801, Alcoi, Spain